Happy Halloween, Chums!

I hope you’re having an amazing Halloween. Boy, I sure am! Drank some coffee, had some beef sticks… pretty good day. AND IT CONTINUES!

Things have been quiet over here, and that’s bound to happen. There are, however, some behind-the-scenes activities taking place, and when those activities rear their ugly heads there’ll be nothing but activity-head-fruit for all! Maybe make some wine from the fruit. Get all boozed up.

November. Bleh. If there was ever a month I’d like to punch in the face, it’s November. But that means it’s time to look within. Time to map the dark caves of the mind, to battle the beasts lurking there, to emerge in Spring wearing their skins on my back. Time to turn pain and loss to hope and light.

If I can.

I may need to place an Embargo and declare a Month of Fury. But that’s not a thing I can declare lightly. A Month of Fury cannot be allowed to be broken, and November’s a tough month for that…

Hey, as long as you’re bouncing around the web, go to my BFF Justin’s page and get learned up on some football!