How fitting that I should be posting the 6th installment of writing prompts on today, July 4th, 2017. The 7th month of the year. As I sip an Point “Beyond the Pale” IPA, having recently devoured an unspecified (but formidable) quantity of cottage cheese.

Today’s prompts are inspired in part by conversations with Mr. Hank Schwaeble. He’s a great guy. Give ya the shirt off his back (potentially… I haven’t verified this, but I suspect it).

Prompt: Describe a little scene with NO adjectives. (e.g. The trees waved like departing sailors beneath a sky that looked like it could collapse at any moment. Walking further into the swamp, each step became harder… as if the muck didn’t want to let go of my boots. Wind cut through my clothes and chilled my bones as night crawled down over the hills.)

Prompt: Describe a person with NO adjectives. (e.g. The salesman smirked in the doorway. His teeth jutted as if trying to escape his mouth. A slick of hair crossed his forehead, unable to hid the scabs and spots on his scalp. I didn’t need to know what he was selling to know I wouldn’t be buying. The gleam in his eye said the only way he was leaving was after he made a sale.)

Prompt: Describe a house using DOUBLE adjectives. (e.g. The old, gray house sat on a steep, rocky hilltop. The weathered, crumbling roof surely offered only a little protection from the rain. Jagged yellow weeds sprouted along the chipped and broken stepping stones. The front door was charred and lopsided, with shattered, eye-like windows on either side.)

Prompt: Cousin Ricky was hired and fired from two different jobs this week.

Prompt: Two people are discussing something mundane. The conversation turns into a quickly-escalating argument. An outside party (or force of nature) puts a stop to the argument.