So here’s the second batch of writing prompts. I have fun creating these, so you’re likely to see more here in the coming weeks. Until I get bored with them. Which will be never.  As always, if you do any of these and you want to share, please do. You can leave them in the comments or email them to me. If I get a sizable collection, I’d think about posting them.

Prompt: To summon Bloody Mary, we chant her name as we stare into a mirror in a dimly lit room. Many years from now, how will they summon YOU?

Prompt: Sam is about to be roasted and eaten by cannibals. Sam lists some rational reasons why the cannibals shouldn’t eat him (or her). The leader of the cannibals responds with some rational reasons why they SHOULD eat sam. They turn to the old shaman for the verdict.

Prompt: The pig, being the smartest animal in the barnyard, wishes to escape. Firs the pig plans to test the waters by convincing a very dumb sheep to try the escape first. How does the crafty pig convince the dumb sheep to go through with it? What is the result?

Prompt: We’ve got to get past those cops without being spotted! Not to worry, Cousin Ricky has a plan… a CRAZY plan.

Prompt: Whoa! That’s Kevin’s truck! It is unmistakable, and Kevin would NEVER let anyone else drive it. So who is that creepy guy behind the wheel? You follow…

Prompt: (Here’s one that could really be useful in just about any story you might be working on) You character needs to be somewhere NOW. They are being constantly delayed on the way, however, as though the local community (or perhaps the cosmos itself!) has aligned against them. Describe their much delayed journey.