Chuggie, the permanently intoxicated embodiment of Drought, has run into a bit of trouble in the city of Farheath Harbor. He is on trial for crimes he didn’t commit, and a guilty verdict means his execution. What happened down at the Farheath Docks? Is Chuggie too drunk to defend himself in such a trial? Will he be able to defeat his executioner in the ultimate battle of wits? Find out in Chuggie and the Fish Freaks of Farheath!

This little story even comes with some fancy illustrations by the author!

Tell ya what… Enjoy the whole thing here, with your ears, for FREE, as narrated by the incomparable Carl Moore! (And those illustrations mentioned above are included in this video!)




This was a quick read but a great story while you wait for more Chuggie. Just what you’d expect from Chuggie with some fun new friends and adventure. If you haven’t read the other books, then this would also be a great starter… just enough to whet the appetite for more.
-Stacey L.

This was everything I expected from the author and Chuggie. Many thanks for giving us a little something to tide us over until Chuggie and The Prisoner Gods arrives.
-Rodney G.

I love Chuggie. If you haven’t read BMK’s first two Chuggie books, I highly recommend them. Both books kept me wildly entertained during a recent trip to California. I believe that Chuggie can be best described in three words: Hilarious, witty and drunk. This story gives you a taste of Chuggie’s personality and leaves you wanting more, exactly as a short story should. Good thing there are more books coming out. Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods can’t come out fast enough. Excellent writing (and artwork, I might add)!
-Jason L.