Greetings again, chums. I can sense you’re pressed for time, so I’ll get right to this week’s prompts!

Prompt: You are a werewolf. Please explain, as politely as possible, why I should let you devour me.

Prompt: The weather keeps getting stranger… Give a 5 or 10 day forecast with increasingly strange weather.

Prompt: The Mayor has been taken by ninjas and is being held for ransom. As the Deputy Mayor, you’ll need to address the public to explain why there will be no effort to get the Mayor back. What will you say at your press conference?

Prompt: We’re surrounded! They don’t know we’re here, but they will soon enough if we don’t do something. We need a diversion! All we have is _______, _______, and a _______. What’s the plan? (Hint: the plan doesn’t *have to* work.)

Prompt: Due to a case of mistaken identity, Cousin Ricky has been asked to deliver the commencement address at your local high school. When he steps up to the podium, you notice he’s got a cheek full of tobacco and carrying a spit-cup. You cringe as Ricky begins his speech. What does he say?

Prompt: Your character gets kicked out of a place, which causes them to come to a vital realization. Why did they get kicked out, and what was the realization? (Example: Cousin Ricky wouldn’t stop staring at the bartender’s chest, even after she angrily asked him to stop. The bouncer dragged him out the back door and slammed him into the side of a dumpster. There, in the mud made by the liquid leaking from the dumpster, is a takeout menu for a sandwich shop. The SAME sandwich shop where he’d seen the mayor eating with the Yakuza boss!)