About Brent

Hi, I’m Brent Michael Kelley. Wanna know all about me? My hopes, my dreams? My secrets and fears? Well, on this page you’ll learn, literally, EVERYTHING about me that I want you to know. I like the Green Bay Packers, and I think writing is fun. I guess that pretty well sums it up. Take care, chum.

Eh? Okay, I guess I could tell you a little more… I live in northern Wisconsin with my wife, our son, and our dogs. I guess there are birds in my house too, but I claim no ownership over the brutes.

My son and I study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Groundwork Grappling in Rhinelander, WI. When we’re not on the mats, we’re kayaking on the lake or ripping up the bike trail. There ain’t much that’s better than a cold beer next to a campfire in my book.

I also like writing and drawing and painting. If I could find a way to abolish sleep, I feel like I could really get some work done. Buncha paintings and books and whatnot.

The following is an unrelated inside joke and only here so I can link to it and set it as my fantasy football logo: