DTF Episode 16: Fun With Lightning

Howdy! Just thought I’d chime in and let you know that Destroy the Files (a podcast I co-host with Kate Jonez) is running strong. We are 16 episodes in, and some of them are even worth listening to! So far we’ve had Johnny Worthen, Eddie Generous, Rena Mason, and Gina Ranalli on as guests. We’ll have more fancy guests in the future. Here’s our most recent episode:

Most of my writing has been going towards the podcast lately. It’s fun. Not really appropriate for kids or workplace listening, on account of I say awful things sometimes. I’ve heard it argued that we should just destroy the files shortly after we record them, and those arguments are perfectly valid.

There are some other creative projects in the oven, but I have doubts there will be any new books in 2020. Let’s shoot for early 2021, kay? Kay!

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