I imagine this post is more for me than anybody else, due in part to the fact that nobody reads these except the Google spiders. That’s fine. Mainly, I just came to say that after months of making excuses, I’ve started to make a little progress instead. I’ve got my little planner book. I’ve got my little tarot app on my phone. I’m a little more organized and a little more motivated. I’d like Pumpkin Guts to be done and sent off by the end of the month. Maybe it’ll fly, maybe it won’t, but April’s coming fast. Once May hits, it gets damn hard to write stuff. Who knows? Maybe this time I’ll build up some momentum and keep it rolling.

CG Jung said “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Me, I want to be a writer. Sometimes I am. Here’s hoping I am more than I’m not in the months ahead. Here’s hoping I can climb the mountain and light the Demon Torch of Fuhl Thraga Shaka. Let’s fuggin’ boogie, man!