Jordan Etheredge – Voice Legend

Today I want to tell you about my pal Jordan Etheredge. In addition to being a kickass audiobook narrator, she is also a fantastic human being. I found her on when I was looking for someone to narrate my novella Cruce Roosters. When I heard her audition sample, it was immediately clear she had to be the voice of Molly Most (the book’s main character). From beginning to end, she was prompt, professional, and a pleasure to work with. The end product was better than I had hoped.

Since then, I have worked with her on two other projects. One was a sample chapter for a work in progress. The other was a short story called The Sand Taker, which was part of my Doomsday Furnace collection. Next time I need a lady’s voice to narrate an audiobook, she’s the first person I’ll call. Wanna know a secret? Okay, lean in… ((I’m probably going to ask her to narrate another short story from Doomsday Furnace pretty soon.))

If YOU need the best, CLICK HERE to listen to some more samples and contact my friend Jordan. Make sure you tell her BMK sent ya!

If you’d like to hear her work on The Sand Taker, it’s right here: