Mystery Potion Books

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others, I have news! Signals have been quiet from this end, but I assure you I have been busy behind the scenes. With my beloved publisher Omnium Gatherum shifting their business model, my books needed a new home. Today, I am happy to announce the birth of a brand new book publisher…

Mystery Potion Books is a brand new small press, operating in a very specific publishing niche. The founder (me) and the staff (also me) all got together and voted to limit the company’s publishing scope to reprints of just one author: Me.

While I miss Omnium Gatherum, I’m excited about Mystery Potion. It’s the new home for the first three Chuggie books, as well as Keep Away From Psycho Joe, Cruce Roosters, and my collection Doomsday Furnace. When I get Chuggie #4 written, that’ll go up on Mystery Potion. Psycho Joe 2? Mystery Potion. Cruce Roosters prequel? Mystery Potion! Who knows what fresh nonsense I’ll be able to publish with Mystery Potion? Not me. But the possibilities are endless, and I can’t wait!

There are, however, NEW projects that you don’t know about. I have different plans for those projects. We’re hunting big game, which may take a little time. There’ll be cool stuff in the meantime, promise.

Thanks for supporting my silly little dreams… If you’d like to snag yourself some Mystery Potion, go to my Amazon page, and splurge!