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FREE Chuggie!!

At long last, Chuggie and the Desecration of Stagwater is FREE… FOREVER! It took jumping through no small number of hoops and a long, thoughtful walk down a foggy pier, but the first book of the Chuggie series is now free to download on your Kindle reader/app.


I think if you read the first book, you’ll love Chuggie and want to read more of his adventures. Then you’ll PAY for them… FULL PRICE! AH-HAhaHAhaHAhaHAaaAAA!!! Seriously, I’d love it if you gave this book a read. I think you’ll like it. And if you do like it, I hope you’ll tell a friend about it.

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DTF Episode 16: Fun With Lightning

Howdy! Just thought I’d chime in and let you know that Destroy the Files (a podcast I co-host with Kate Jonez) is running strong. We are 16 episodes in, and some of them are even worth listening to! So far we’ve had Johnny Worthen, Eddie Generous, Rena Mason, and Gina Ranalli on as guests. We’ll have more fancy guests in the future. Here’s our most recent episode:

Most of my writing has been going towards the podcast lately. It’s fun. Not really appropriate for kids or workplace listening, on account of I say awful things sometimes. I’ve heard it argued that we should just destroy the files shortly after we record them, and those arguments are perfectly valid.

There are some other creative projects in the oven, but I have doubts there will be any new books in 2020. Let’s shoot for early 2021, kay? Kay!

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The Eighth of June

Last year, my first ever collection of short stories was published. The collection is titled DOOMSDAY FURNACE. It features cover art by the one and only Matt Wajek. One of the stories is called “The Eighth of June,” and since today is the 8th of June, I thought I’d share it. Enjoy! (“Enjoy” may not be the right word…)

Doomsday Furnace short story collection by Brent Michael Kelley - a collection of dark fantasy, sci-fi, new horror, dark humor, and whimsy. Brent Kelley is a horror author who lives in northern Wisconsin.

The Eighth of June

Do you remember where you were when you heard about the Doomsday Cloud? I remember where I was. I was sleeping in my bed, and Paula had stolen most of the blankets. At 3:20 am my cell rang. I am not a reasonable man when awoken from a deep sleep, and I think I woke up swearing.

Nobody calls to chit chat or deliver good news at 3:20 am. If the phone rings then, it’s probably an emergency. It was Izabel, and she was hysterical.

At 4:11 am on August 10th, I walked through the door at Sky Harbor Observatory. The entire place was alive. There was a fearless excitement in the air, and to be a part of that was like nothing I’ve ever known.