Doomsday Furnace Release Date

Well, howdy, amigos!

Let’s get right to it. My short story collection DOOMSDAY FURNACE has an official release date, and that official release date is May 8. WOO! We’re having a book release party during Stoker Con in Grand Rapids, and you’re totally invited! Here, read this:

Join Omnium Gatherum in the Crown Foyer (right outside the hall for the opening ceremonies) for cake and cocktails as we celebrate the release of our new books for 2019.  Meet the authors and editors, win prizes and meet and mingle with old friends and new. 

Now look at this fancy cover for DOOMSDAY FURNACE:

You can actually go ahead and pre-order you some Doomsday Furnace for your Kindle right here:

I bet you’ll like one or two of the stories, and I would absolutely love it if you left a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. What are these stories about? Good question. You’re very smart.

A starship is separated from its fleet, and the captain must resort to desperate measures.
A man wakes one morning to find out everyone in the world has dreamed of killing him.
The embodiment of drought has a disastrous adventure at sea. Children are offered to, and sometimes taken by, the thing that lives beneath the sand.
A killer seeks redemption and freedom on a mountaintop.
An energy station near the sun aims to permanently address mankind’s energy needs.
A cloud of strange and deadly radiation has appeared in Earth’s orbital path.
An alien presence teaches an amateur surgeon the true value of friendship.
These tales and more await you inside the Doomsday Furnace, a collection of 14 catastrophic yarns by Brent Michael Kelley.

Wait, did that say “the embodiment of drought”? YES! There’s a brand new Chuggie short story in this collection. It sure made me miss the ol’ drunk. I can hear him hollerin’ at me in the night to get tellin’ his next damn story. Might have to get some Chuggie-writin’ done real soon…

I have some ebook review copies available, so if you’re a reviewer and you want one, hit me up. Either message me on my CONTACT FORM or better yet fill out this nifty JOB APPLICATION!