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Getting back to Chuggie, I may or may not have to remind you that he stars in not one, not two, but THREE books, as well as a couple short stories. I was recently invited to talk about Chuggie on the Fantasy Focus Podcast, and you can check that out for your very own self right here:

Digging into Chuggie and Horror Fantasy with Brent Kelley

I really enjoyed talking to Jamie, and I bet you’ll enjoy listening to our conversation. If you haven’t read Chuggie yet, you can snag yourself a Kindle-copy of book 1 for a buck right here. All three Chuggie books are available in print and ebook!

The most recent Chug-Tale is a little story called Chuggie and the Bottomless Wine Cask, appearing in my short story collection Doomsday Furnace. There’s lots of cool stories in there, so get it and read it and review it!!!