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Let’s Go, Chums!

Has your hero (me) been pretty lazy for the past… really long time? MAYBE! What’s to be done about that? NOBODY KNOWS! If you’re me (and some of you possibly are), you’ve probably heard a lot of folks asking when the next book is coming out. The answer, of course, is I don’t know. I have a bunch of works in progress, all at different stages of incompletion. I assure you things are happening. Not super fast, but happening.

You may be wondering what YOU can do to help speed things along. How YOU can help manifest a whole cavalcade of new books by your old pal, Brent. You’re about to be shocked to learn there IS a way you can help! Simply, go to my author page on Amazon >> HERE << and leave a review for one of my books. That goes for ANY of your favorite authors. It’s great encouragement, and it tells Amazon to promote the book to more people.

Coming Soon: some YouTube stuff, some podcast stuff, some art stuff, more begging for book reviews, and some other stuff. Stay tuned while I get this site back in order. POWER HUGS!